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Advice for all Seasons by Sayyid Muhammad Siddiq al-Ghumari (d. 1354/1936)

Have constant awareness (taqwa) in public and private.
Stay away from actions that cause the Divine to withhold blessings upon us; asking for Divine assistance without preparation is like traveling without packing.
Monitor every breath you take and protect all your senses.
Be content with what is present and be patient with what has gone.
Honor all your promises.
Increase your prayers.
Stop overthinking and overplanning for the future.
Practice not choosing and rely on what God has planned and chosen for you.
Follow the Sunna and the ways of the Imams.
Be like the person who strives for God and increase your presence at the gatherings of the pious.
Be constantly in a state of reflection and remembrance.
Have a lot of knowledge, great character, and show compassion to others.
Let your laughter be in smiles and your questions a means of seeking knowledge.
Give advice to those who are heedless and teach the ignorant.
Don’t harm those who harm you.
Don’t involve yourself in matters that don’t concern you.
Don’t be happy in seeing others in calamity.
Don’t pollute your tongue with back-biting.
Be honest in your speech, free from ignorance, and don’t fall into grey matters.
Be a father to orphans.
Outwardly show your happiness and let your sadness be internal.
Be concerned with yourself, don’t spread other people’s secrets and don’t breach other people’s privacy.
Be often in a state of worship.
Ask God for increase always.
Be silent often.
Be patient with people who harm you and forgive them.
Have mercy towards the young and honor the old.
Be worthy of carrying a trust.
Be far from treachery.
Be patient with calamities.
Be one who requires a little, but gives a lot.
Pray a lot.
Fast often.
Let your pious actions be frequent.
Lower your gaze frequently.
Have few sins, but many good deeds.
Be honorable and polite with the Saints.
Your speech should be the speech of the wise.
Your glance should be one of deep introspection.
Let your moments of anger be few.
Do not expose the controversies of others.
Do not envy others.
Ask God for the greatest of what you ask.
Dedicate your physical life and body to the development the world, but attach your soul to the grave.
Wear the clothes of the humble.
Do not have any desire for excesses.
Your reliance should always be with God.