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Episode 46: Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

My guest today is Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim. Muhammad is currently the Executive Director, North America for Quilliam International. Muhammad is not only a scholar of religion and Islam, but has been at the forefront of tackling violence and extremism in the US and abroad. I am very fortunate to have worked alongside him on very exciting projects, and I am even more fortunate to call him a friend!

Episode Notes

5:45 – influence of Ahmadiyya movement

8:27 Nation of Islam

9:66 current Ahmadiyya Mosques in US

10:47 jazz and Islam

11:28 1975 and WD Muhammad

15:28 Sunni influences in WD Muhammad conversion

18:08 Difference between black islam and immigrant islam

27:23 The importance of West Africa and Sufism

32:16 Ancestors who fought in Civil War

34:28 Thoughts on working in government as a Muslim

44:43 Dealing with crises of faith working for government

49:43 Dealing with extremism and prevention work

100:28 Quilliam Foundation

106:28: Some of Majid’s more offensive comments

112:28 Final advice – to be in every space possible

Quran Mentioned

“You are the best nation created for mankind…”

Hadith Mentioned

“love of country is from faith” 

People Mentioned

Sulayman Nyang

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq 

Abdulrahman Ibrahim

Yarrow Mamout 

Yusef Lateef 

Elijah Muhammad

W D Mohammed

Imam Darnell Karim 

Omar Ibn Said

Hudhayfa Ibn al-Yaman

Imam Ali

Abiy Ahmed, PM Ethiopia

Maajid Nawwaz

Dr. Ali Gomaa

Ed Husain 

Imam Husayn 

Ibn ‘AtaAllah



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Call and response tradition



The Risala  

Middle passage journey




Daughters of American Revolution

Sons of American Revolution

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Yellow Cake

UNDP Journey to Extremism

Al Shabab

Book Haram


Pulse night club attack, Florida

Al Qaeda

King Abdallah II Davos – Civil war in Islam

Quilliam North America

Pew Poll – American Muslims

Citadel Charleston South Carolina

Art of Party Crashing in Iraq

Farabi’s Book on Music

Southern Poverty Law Center


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