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Episode 44: Islamic Principles #12: Rulings as Symbols

The rulings of the Sharia carry a larger meaning than their specific legal context. The spirit or symbol behind these laws remind us of the greater purpose of religion and identity. In this episode, I explore this concept with some concrete examples from Islamic history.

Episode Notes

Hadith Mentioned
The Companion who was told to wash when wounded and died. (Abu Dawud)
“Drink the milk of the cow as it is a medicine, use its fat because it is a healing, but stay away from its meat, which has sickness.” (al-Hakim)

Quran Mentioned
“Andtake off your sandal” (20:12)

People Mentioned
Jalal Akbar
Imam Sirhindi
Last descendent of Genghis Khan

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Understanding the Muslim Mind

If we could take all of Islamic intellectual history, what sort of patterns and principles could we deduce? More importantly, if we found someone who actually knew all this information, what would they look like, think like, talk like, etc.?

Expressing Gratitude
20 May 2020
Expressing Gratitude

What role, if any, does and should religion play in politics? In an age when we see many, many religious leaders linked with politics and political parties, I make the argument that this is dangerous and a misuse of religion.


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