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Episode 25: Thoughts on Change

Change is one of the few things we can be certain of in life. However, it’s not always easy, nor do we always change the ways we want to. I’ve been thinking a lot about this since the month of Ramadan and wanted to share some thoughts with you. Hope you find them useful.

Episode Notes


“names your parents called to” 53:23

“God does not change the condition of a people until they change what’s in themselves” 13:11


“Whoever doesn’t concern themselves with the affairs of the Muslims is not from amongst them”, al-Tabarani

“begin with yourself then those next to you”, Muslim

“all of you are shepherds and all of you are responsible for their flock”, Bukhari and Muslim

Story of Sayyiduna Umar, Bukhari

“The best of actions are consistent, even if few”, Muslim

People Mentioned

Walt Whitman

Bob Dylan

keep learning

Understanding the Muslim Mind

If we could take all of Islamic intellectual history, what sort of patterns and principles could we deduce? More importantly, if we found someone who actually knew all this information, what would they look like, think like, talk like, etc.?

The ‘Ulamā’ and Political Rulers
17 September 2020
The ‘Ulamā’ and Political Rulers

The Islamic New Year is an event filled with great stories, meanings, and blessings. It is a time for renewal, reflection, and restoration. In this article, however, you will find special prayers and devotional acts to mark this occasion and get your New Year started right!


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