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Ep 102: Imam Mohamed Magid


Mohammed Magid is an outstanding figure in interfaith activities, Imam Magid is the Executive Director and Imam at the ADAMS Centre in Virginia, and former President of ISNA. He is an advocate for youth and women, and serves on the FBI’s Muslim, Sikh, and Arab Advisory Committee. In recognition of his efforts toward interfaith bridge building, Imam Magid was among the ten Washingtonians of the Year in 2010 presented with Washingtonian Magazine’s award for outstanding leadership. He has served as an advisor to many in Washington, including President Obama.











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Making Sense of Islam
Making Sense of Islam

Were one to cast a glance back at the past two hundred years of human history, it would be hard to miss the growing gap between thought paradigms of traditional revealed religions and thought paradigms of the globalized modern world. Perhaps it is the rapid pace of the later, often compared with the unrushed pace of the former; or even still perhaps it is the notion that everything new is good and everything old is used that might inform such a judgement.


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