Deep Study

Welcome to the Deep Study of Islam

Studying Islam can be overwhelming, especially when you start to realize not everyone is coming from the same point-of-view or moving in the same direction. How can you make sense of it all; how can you not lose your way; how can you stay firm to the pure intention of simply wanting to know more about your faith and tradition?

I currently offer private, weekly classes that cover the following subjects:

  • Shāfī‘ Fiqh
  • Uṣūl al-Fiqh (Juristic Methodology)
  • Tassawuf (Sufism)
  • ‘Aqida (Theology)
  • ‘Ilm al-Ḥadīth (Hadith sciences)
  • Manṭiq (Logic)

Of course, I do not teach all of these topics every week, but rather I cycle through these topics throughout the year. My approach is to provide, in English, the Azhar seminary experience by reading line-by-line classic, reliable, and authoritative texts in each of these disciplines. The classes adopt the Socratic Method allowing for lively discussions, debates, questions, and research. The price of admission to these classes is that you sign up for the Muslim Mind Course.

Here are some basic things you need to know regarding the classes:

  • Classes are all done on Zoom and are recorded. You will be given access to these courses.
  • The classes are interactive, and I encourage Q/A.
  • Other than learning, the most important thing for me is proper etiquette in class. All students must carry themselves professionally and with respect at all time. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for rudeness.
  • Classes are mixed gender and therefore there needs to be an extra level of decorum so that there is absolutely no inappropriate behavior. These are classes of Sacred Knowledge, not a matchmaking event!
  • By joining you agree to be added to two WhatsApp groups: one for Making Sense of Islam announcements (meaning only I post announcements about twice a week regarding new content I produce) and one specifically for students where questions can be asked/answered, and logistics related to class timings are posted. This second group is interactive.

If you are interested in joining, please submit an email to with the subject “Deep Study.”

I look forward to serving you soon inshaAllah!