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40 Acts of Paradise

‘Abdallah Bin ‘Amr Bin ‘Āṣ said that he heard the Messenger of God (God bless him and give him peace) say, “There are forty acts, the best of which is giving food, if any are done seeking their reward and believing in their promise, God will grant them Paradise by this act.” (Bukhari).

Shaykh ‘Abdullah Bin Siddīq al-Ghumārī (d. 1993) wrote a small book enumerating these forty acts and finding all the supporting hadith for them. I took the liberty of distilling this book in the following list, finding the appropriate modern English equivalent of the Prophetic expressions so as to make these acts easy to do and incorporate in our day-to-day life. I also recorded short videos explaining them all for my local mosque. You can find the playlist to these videos here.

The 40 Acts of Paradise:


  1. Feeding people in need and without remuneration
  2. Removing a harmful object from the road
  3. Feeding and watering animals
  4. Visiting the sick
  5. Befriending and visiting someone only for the sake of God
  6. Belief in God and the Final Hour
  7. Giving when you have little
  8. Enjoying the good and forbidding the evil
  9. Helping those with disabilities
  10. Heling the misfortunate
  11. Returning a salam greeting
  12. Responding with blessings to the one who sneezes
  13. Responding to an invitation
  14. Following a funeral procession
  15. Beginning a salam greeting
  16. Giving sound advice
  17. Removing harm from the mosque
  18. Smiling in the face of your brother/sister
  19. Guiding someone who is lost
  20. Helping someone with poor eyesight
  21. Forbidding the evil
  22. Watering your brother’s/sister’s water bucket
  23. Helping someone who is hard of hearing
  24. Guiding the blind
  25. Helping someone who has lost something
  26. Helping someone who is weak
  27. Helping someone with their means of transportation
  28. Reconciling between two people in conflict
  29. Speaking a good word
  30. Helping someone who does not know how to communicate or does not know a particular language
  31. Giving someone water who is thirsty
  32. Helping someone draw water from a well with a short rope, while yours is long enough
  33. Donating shoe or sandal laces to someone in need of them
  34. Comforting someone who is lonely
  35. Flexibility in buying and selling
  36. Flexibility in matters of adjudicating cases
  37. Being patient with one who is short on repaying a debt
  38. Being flexible when one has the majority of a debt, but missing only a little
  39. Concealing the mistakes of a believer
  40. Consoling a believer’s loss